Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I will be appearing on Sewing with Nancy "AGAIN"

The program #2420 Stress Free Zipper Creations with Mary Mulari will start airing on PBS starting December 26th.
I am in the Nancy's Corner segment of this program. It is a follow up to my 2 part program Decorative Stitch Thread Painting that was on in January 2010.
On the Nancy's Corner segment I talk about making needle felted note cards and post cards. I needle felted the background using fabric scraps then embellished the cards with decorative stitch thread painting.
The top photo is a sample of a Needle Felted/Decorative Stitched note card. The bottom photo is the cover of the Stress Free Zipper Creations CD.


Sue Spurlock said...

You're a STAR! Is there a way to find out when your segment is on?

An Unusual Girl Named Christine said...

You're not just a star- you're a rock star as the youngin's would say!